What is Guinambule?

The Guinambule App is an extraordinary new tool that combines digital technology with the knowledge of tour guides. It’s all-inclusive, up-to-the-minute, and will revolutionise your way of conducting guided tours.

Created for tourism professionals, this innovative solution brings together digital technology and traditional culture.

  • tablette application guinambule
  • tablette application guinambule
  • tablette application guinambule
  • tablette application guinambule

This solution enabling guides to enhance sites and boost their tours through a one-of-a-kind experience.

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A new concept for guided tours

Our solution, designed for easy use, offers a modern presentation adapted to tourism professionals.



your personalised tour on the platform and enhance it with the content of your choice.



your work to your tablet.



Your clients will experience an enriched tour as you send images, videos, and other content to their tablets.

Guinambule is a digital tool that supports tour guides, but will never replace them.

It’s a solution based on shared values:


Who’s behind Guinambule?

Claire Matrat has been an accredited Guide Lecturer for the last 30 years in Cluny and Southern Burgundy. Her enthusiasm about new trends in tourism, motivated by client requests, led her to create a digital tool that dovetails with guides’ training and knowledge.

A pioneer in digitally enhanced tours, she has included tablets in her visits for several years. Their success, confirmed by positive feedback from clients, motivated her to improve the concept and make it available to all tourism professionals. It will stimulate their tours and captivate clients from every generation.

It's also a new concept of coach journey

Today, nearly 70% of coach journeys take place without an accompanying guide, and are sometimes quite long!
Guinambule can enrich your passenger's itineraries through pre-recorded audio commentary as they travel on France's major motorways.

You can now broadcast information (via the coach's audio system) about the regions and cities you go through on your trips.
Claire Matrat, who has accompanied innumerable coach journeys in the past, also developed this groundbreaking product, which has no equivalent on the market.

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Guinambule offers a premium service for your passengers, and brings added value to your trips.

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